GHFC sells many retail products, with all members receiving a 5% discount off the retail price. 
To purchase the products you need to visit the MindBody website (not on the app) and purchase via the online store.
All product categories are listed to the right of that page. Select the category you want and then shop away (subcategories are then listed underneath). 
Alternatively, you can visit us in the Studio to make your purchases. We accept card or cash for payment of retail products.



We have a multi-coloured range of singlets, tanks, tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, hoodies, jackets and zip vests with our GHFC logo printed on it. We hold a large amount of stock or specific requests can be ordered each quarter. Sizes range from a kids 4 to a Men's XXXL and everything in between. Click to view the full range you can select from. There is also a display rack in the Studio for you to look at with colours, sizes and varieties.


We also have a range of gym towels, smaller sweat towels, and black or white caps.


We stock a wide range of weight gloves in various sizes and colours and can order others on request.​



We have a range of high quality fabric Booty Bands from Light to XX Strong. These have proven to be of a very good quality and last for years.


We have a wide range of high quality foam rollers and massage balls to help you in your warm up and recoveries.


GHFC encourages the use of MyZone technology by their clients, which is a wearable technology that measures your heart's effort. Myzone is an innovative, wearable heart rate system that measures the effort put in by your heart. It displays real time heart rate, calories and intensity with five colour coded personalised zones and has a simple rewards-based metric called MEPs (My Zone Effort Points) that align with the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines for physical activity. The MYZONE chest technology has been reviewed as being 99.4% accurate We sell the product below retail price. To encourage use, and reward performance with prizes and acknowledgement, GHFC also pays the annual MyZone fee for its clients.


We have a Meal Plan for each season that we sell in digital format, as well as a Sweet Treats book, a Reset Book, and our past challenge books.


GHFC sells and recommends True Protein as their preferred supplement range. True Protein is a 100% Australian-owned, family run business selling a wide selection of all-natural sports nutrition supplements made from the finest globally sourced ingredients. True Protein is well-renowned for great tasting, naturally derived products, made with a range of premium ingredients that contain no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives. Within our extensive product range you’ll find a product to suit your individual nutritional and fitness goals. We stock many products (protein powders, health supplements) and can order any in off their website and offer them below the retail price with no transport costs. (


Here you'll find anything else that we've found the need to stock, like massage creams.