SESSIONS​ 2 P/W 3 P/W Unlimited <7
Commitment Contract - 12 months $28 pw $36 pw $45 pw
Flexi Contract $30 pw $40 pw $49 pw
Youth Flexi Contract $18 pw $25 pw


Casual Class - Adult $20
Casual Class - Youth $12
Ten Pass – Adult $160
Ten Pass – Youth $100

Commitment Contract means you are locked in for twelve months, with up to four weeks allowed to be frozen per year if you are away and 14 days’ notice in writing (or at the trainer’s discretion). Minimum freeze period is 1 week. Cost of $5/freeze for the admin cost. Any break of the contract attracts a $150 penalty. 

Flexi Contract means you can cancel your membership with 14 days’ notice in writing (or at the trainer’s discretion).

Ten Passes must be used within 10 weeks from the date of purchase.

• If a couple are both signing up on contracts a discount code will be given
• If a parent and 2 or more children sign up, a discount code will be given
• If you are a shift worker or your employment makes it hard for you to commit to a certain number of sessions per week in a contract, please talk to us as we may be able to offer you a discount on the ten-pass price.
• If you are paying a membership and go away and choose not to freeze the membership, you get access to the Trainerize app and programs. I will tailor these for our youth/athletes if they choose this option.

• All memberships will give you access to our new “Members only Facebook page” which will include lots of free information, and networking opportunities, and regular coaching and training ideas from our experienced coaches.

PT and Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private Training (SPT) $39
1 hour 1:1 $70
1 hour 1:1 / 2 per week $135
1 hour 1:1 / 3 per week $195
45 mins 1:1 $60
1 hour PT + Unlimited Classes $100
PT + Trainerize weekly program $89
45 mins Youth $50
PT in pairs $45 each

Semi Private Training (SPT)/Group PT is a small group, between 2-4 people that train together in a PT setting. So, you get all the benefits of personalised Personal Training/Coaching with the added benefit of community and working with others. All programs are total body and are able to be regressed/progressed for the individual. If less than two are booked in at 5pm the day before, the individual booked in will be contacted and offered a private session (at the cost of a private PT).

Please note:
• PTs are payable via cash or card at the time of your appointment. We use Ezidebt secure facility for all our card transactions so that your card details are secure.
• PT cancellations require 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the session. An exceptional circumstance may be offered by your trainer if the cancellation was unavoidable ad no prior notice was possible.
• if you are under a limited session contract and/or you are a PT client and you want to do an extra casual session, we will give you a discount code to use on MindBody so that you pay $15 for the casual class.
• If you are a PT Client, you will also get a discount code for Group Fitness to use on MindBody and/or a discount code to use on our Online Training App.


Programs for you to do at home at a time that suits. All exercises included in your program are accompanied by a video and description of the exercise. ​

Individual Program $15 ea
Weekly Program (3 programs included) $29
Yoga Mega Session $20
PT + Trainerize $89

Want to find out more? 
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