Group Fitness Session descriptions

All sessions are adaptable to any level from beginner to advanced, with a minimum participation age of 15 years (unless in our TAP)

Our “Strength” sessions focus on functional strength of the total body to live a healthy and pain-free life. We aim to ensure your training is well-balanced and so we guarantee there will be a balance between the weekly programs on offer, and on the different body parts. These classes aim to develop strength and to build lean muscle mass. In doing so we will help you burn fat, become pain-free and avoid many diseases. Core will always be included. We ensure both the upper and lower body are exposed to push and pull exercises every week. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Back Rows and Hip Thrusts will be our important stable compound lifts. Barbells, Trap Bars, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, TRX, Slam Balls, Bands, Plates, Body weight and a variety of other equipment may be used. The programs will vary as we believe in constantly stimulating the muscles in different ways.

Our “Conditioning” sessions are designed to work on your cardio health, your core strength, and will also include some accessory strength work to complement our “Strength” programs. As with all our sessions at GHFC, a variety of programming from week to week is assured to continually challenge the body and mind … think rowing machines, air/assault bikes, ski erg machines, running/walking/jogging, skipping, boxing, sleds, battle ropes, bodyweight exercises, and a whole lot more. Core, balance and mobility will also be included. We will prove to you that Cardio is NOT the enemy and is essential for heart health and disease prevention!! The Thursday night class has an option to incorporate some boxing for our evening members who want some boxing but can’t make the Thursday morning Boxfit class.

Yoga offers strength and flexibility, while soothing your nerves and calming your mind. We are strong supporters of the power of yoga, not just for your physical wellbeing, but also your mental wellbeing. It helps reduce stresses from your training, allowing for the regeneration of muscles and organs.

Our yoga sessions are run by Michelle Riordan and will normally include some breathing work, mindfulness and meditation. Feel free to bring a rug and beanie and gloves in winter and rug up. Bring your own yoga mat or bring a towel to throw on our mats.

A group warm up will be followed by a variety of options – it may be hills, it may be stairs, it may be sprints, it may be intervals, it may be a longer run … you will always have a choice from a variety of programs on offer. If you are training for a particular event, we will program accordingly. The location will change regularly and will be advised the day before, via text and our Run Group Facebook Group. Maryanne Perkins is a National Level 3 Running Coach and has coached to a National Level. If dark, we recommend wearing a headlight and reflective clothing.

Our BoxFit sessions are based on challenging the cardiovascular system and strength via boxing, and are a great way to cross-train for other sports and training goals. There is a lot of partnered pad work, and there is also focus on learning how to throw a punch properly and put those into combinations for a more challenging session, not only for your body but also your focus as you fatigue. Our BoxFit sessions will help your coordination, weight loss, strength, and general cardiovascular fitness, whilst also being a great tool for stress release.

Bring a towel and water bottle to all sessions, plus your own gloves, wraps and inners if you have them (we sell all of these items). We do have some that you can share in the sessions.

Zeb Dillon has participated in the sport of boxing and has completed his Advanced Boxing for Fitness Coaching accreditation.

This class is aimed at restoration of the muscles that have worked hard all week, or igniting muscles to move for people just starting.

The class will begin with foam rolling, then it will use booty bands, pilates balls and rings, and/or other equipment to achieve total body mobility, flexibility and core strength to ensure you have freedom of movement and no lower back pain.

Suitable for anyone and everyone who trains hard the rest of the week and/or beginners who just need to move!!

Saturday Super Sessions are designed to add variety to the end of your training week and challenge you to finish your week strongly … Think Total Body Blast …. it will always be fun …. it will always have the ability to challenge you if that is what you are after … the program will always vary … it will always have some strength and some conditioning and some core … it will always be able to give you a major calorie burn!!

Think box jumps, weights, sleds, slam balls, ropes, sprints, and/or a few other choice pieces of equipment. Definitely one of our favourite programs. The perfect way to kick off your weekend with a coffee shop on site to recover at 🙂

What to pack in your gym bag

Please note: We sell all of these items at the Studio