Building resilience is one of the major benefits of getting your kids involved in sport (a character trait many young people are lacking these days) 🤔

Life isn’t easy … you’ll always have some hard times during your journey … the ups and downs of sport are one method that can help prepare you to cope with the hard times in life 💯

Belle developed patella tendinopathy (aka jumpers knee) and hasn’t been able to do participate in her favourite events for more than 6 months … she could have folded and given up … and we could have wrapped her in cotton wool … but instead she did her rehab, improved her nutrition, worked on her iron levels, and worked very hard in the gym to ensure when she had the “all clear” to jump again, that she’d be ready …

We’ve slowly built up and as soon as we could, a couple of weeks ago, we did a couple of light jump sessions, and then she went to Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday for her first competition back.

Happy to say Belle’s cleared 1.65m to take out the silver medal, and got herself a Nationals qualifier 🥈 … So proud of you Sawyer, it’s a medal very well deserved!