Maryanne Perkins​


Gunnedah Health and Fitness Centre was founded by Maryanne Perkins, who grew up in a family where fitness and sport was a part of life. Her father was a national level track and field coach, and Maryanne inherited his passion to help others achieve their sporting dreams.

While completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree and becoming a chartered accountant, she worked in some of Sydney’s most reputable gyms and helped elite athletes on their way to greatness.

Maryanne moved to Gunnedah 19 years ago, and established Gunnedah Health and Fitness Co more than 10 years ago. Since that time, she has been an integral part of Gunnedah’s sporting successes. She has worked with athletes who have medaled at State level, gained sport scholarships to private boarding schools and colleges in the United States, and has had contracts in NRL and in Netball Premier League. She is a respected coach and trainer who has encouraged the success of many athletes of all ages.

Maryanne’s personal training clients’ cumulative weight loss stands at more than 1000kg. She has mental health patients who have successfully transitioned from medication, cancer patients who have exercised right through their treatment, and many people who have got off the couch and gone on to reach personal goals.

Her approach is not to provide a “quick fix”, but to encourage people to make health and wellness a way of life.

Maryanne Perkins’ qualifications include: