What a beautiful end of Challenge evening we had last night celebrating the achievement of every single person that joined in our May Challenge 🤍

Huge thanks you to Amanda Balcombe from Still Wellness who did an hour presentation for us on “Developing a framework for Longterm Wellbeing” which aligned perfectly with how we think at GHfC and tied into our Challenge perfectly 💯

If anyone is looking for a health and/or mental fitness coach we would highly recommend reaching out to Amanda ⭐️

Our 28-day Challenge results:

* 100% reported feeling healthier, more energised and less bloated 🙌

* 35kg weight loss 🤩

* 17.1% body fat loss 👌🏾

* 42cm loss around stomach measurements 😱

* average of 36% improvement in the physical strength and fitness assessments 💪

Congrats to our major winners:

Mary Dillon, Donna Waterford, Hayley Jean Arthur and Dee Bruce

Super proud of every single one of you and praise you for trying to “Be Your Best Self”