GHFC Weight Loss Journey

GHFC has had much success in sustainable weight loss with clients over the years.  We do not believe in “Quick Fixes”.  Rather we believe in changing your lifestyle habits so that your results become sustainable in the long term and are not stressful, rather they become a “way of life” going forward.

GHFC Meal Plans

GHFC is selling Meal Plans throughout the year.  Written by a top Fitness Industry Dietician for our clients, they have a Recommended Retail Price of $199 … We are selling them for $49.  It includes:

  • Daily Food Plans for four weeks
  • All recipes
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Food Swap Lists

Most of the Meal Plans are 100% Gluten Free.  There is an occasional oats or sourdough added, but these are easy swaps.

The Plans are Dairy Free and Anti-inflammatory/Anti-acidic.

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